Zenful Dance 2016 Fall Classes – NYC

Hey Zenful Dancers!

I hope this post finds you all well, joyful and Zenful! ūüôā

I need your help.  I am teaching an 8-week Fall Sunday series in Manhattan beginning September 11 (12p-1:15pm) and I want to get the message out to as many folks as possible!

Some KEY takeaways:

  • It’s by donation only (suggested is $10/class but you pay what you can)
  • You don’t need any experience in meditation or dance
  • It’s fun ūüôā
  • It’s super gentle on the body
  • You leave feeling like you just came back from a mini-vacation which if you’re a New Yorker you know is PRICELESS

PLEASE PLEASE help me get the word out in your circles of friends and family and coworkers!  Zenful Dance is for anyone who could use a little help getting back to center.  Many, many Zenful thank yous in advance for your help!
Here’s the link:

Zenful Dance Fall 2016 Registration
Keep on keepin’ on,

Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

Top 10 Things I’ve Learned in 2015

Happy almost-New Year Zenful Dancers! 2015 was a tremendous year of a wonderful highs and several very low lows- grounds for learning better for next year! ¬†Here’s my Top 10:

10. Let go. ¬†Getting upset seems to affect me far more than I’ve openly admitted in the past. It makes me physically sick. ¬†Sure there’s a time and place for getting upset, but to cling to the idea of it while it drives me into the ground is well, SO¬†counterproductive!¬†Plus, I can’t think straight and I prefer to think straight. ūüôā

9. Health comes first.  Be healthy and stay healthy.  No more taking good health for granted.  Health problems affect all areas of my life including my job, my relationships and my mood, not just my body.

8. Meditation is a lifesaver, I should do it more.IMG_0768¬† I’ve had a morning practice for years. ¬†Time to add evenings.

7. Everyone I cross paths with is my teacher.  If I remain open, I can learn and grow from everyone I meet.  What to do.  What not to do.  Valuable lessons.

6. There is peace of mind in saving more money and owning less stuff.

5. Stop underestimating myself.   I am capable of far more when I choose to stay the path and not give into being a victim.

4. Laugh everyday. I friggen’ LOVE to laugh and I have never made a conscious effort to do it on a daily basis. ¬†Life is SO much better with belly-aching, side-splitting laughter!

3. Invest without setting expectations of specific results.  Easy to say but much harder to do, this is a big lesson for me this year.

2. I am capable of living an extraordinary life once I get out of my own way.  Enough said.

1. Being happy can bring¬†others happiness.¬† ¬†I had always thought this notion was¬†selfish but this year I learned that it doesn’t have to be bad-selfish, as long as being happy isn’t at the expense of others. ¬†Rather,¬†it can be the kind that radiates goodness to everyone around me.

Here’s to a successful 2016 full of happiness, love, joy, laughter, growth and GREAT health!

Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

Buy That Guy A Sammy: Week 3 of Feeding NYC’s Homeless

Hey Zenful Dancers! ¬†Last week on my way home to visit the family I found this in the Denver, CO airport. ¬†$1.50 buys a meal for Denver’s homeless. ¬†I put a little heart in there for some extra love since we can all use a little extra in this world. ‚̧ԳŹ

Psssst! ¬†Pass it on! ¬†Who’s with me?

Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

BUY THAT GUY A SAMMY: Feeding NYC’s Homeless, One Person At A Time

Hey Zenful Dancers!

I haven’t been doing too well lately. ¬†Lots going on with my health and my home life. ¬†It’s been overwhelming on most days and my meditation practice has been damn near sanity-saving- and at the risk of sounding too dramatic maybe even life-saving. ¬†But nothing snaps me out of a funk more quickly than figuring out how I can be helpful to others who are in a much worse way than I am.

Today I bought Reggie a sandwich. ¬†Reggie was in the Flatiron today and I could tell he wasn’t doing so well. ¬†He was hunched over his walking cane from what he explained was a “bad case of Scoliosis” and he looked pretty parched up. ¬†As most homeless folks (and many con-artists posed as homeless folks do) he¬†asked if I could give him any money. ¬†I explained I don’t give out money but I do give food when I can and that gesture usually weeds out the cons from the people in need. We got to talking. ¬†He’d been homeless for two years and is usually pretty lucky to get into a shelter, but not always. ¬†His back always hurts and he’s always hungry and he can’t believe he is in the situation he’s in at his age (I would guess Reggie is in his early 60’s). ¬†I wanted to help.

I went into the deli shop on the next corner and explained my story. ¬†I told them I wanted to get the best sandwich I could buy and a bottle of water but my budget was¬†$10. ¬†When the lady at the counter rang me up, the total was over budget so she promptly offered¬†me her employee discount and said with a lovely smile, “Hey, pay it forward, right?” ¬†$9.84.

$9.84 made not just 1¬†but 3¬†people feel great today! ¬†It was a small gesture but had a positive¬†impact on my, Reggie’s and the lovely shop girl’s day. ¬†Think about that the next time you walk by someone in need on the street and you have 5 minutes and $10 bucks to spare.

Let’s start a movement. ¬†Out of my own pocket I am going to buy one person a meal, once a week for the next year on a $10 budget. ¬†I am going to take¬†the time to at least learn their name and even take a selfie (an “Ussie”?) with them if that’s comfortable for them. ¬†AND I will Tweet/Blog updates. I plan to do this once a week for a year and instead of buying myself a coffee every morning, I’ll pare down¬†to just once a week and make my coffee at home.

If you live in a town or city where homeless folks live in your neighborhood, remember, they’re your neighbors too.

Pay it forward. ¬†Who’s in?

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

#BuyThatGirlASammyNYC #BuyThatGuyASammyNYC #PayItForward #FeedNYCHomeless #compassion

I’m Friggen’ Rich!


Hey Zenful Dancers, happy Sunday to you!

The other day it¬†occurred to me how much my own net-worth was as¬†a¬†fellow New Yorker passer-by decided to flash me his $1,000,000 bill on the street. ¬†Of course I was opportunistic enough to grab proof¬†as I don’t typically run with crowds¬†who carry around this kind of cash much less waive it around in broad daylight as if begging to be mugged by anyone within¬†a one mile radius of 14th Street.

And after Googling that there was¬†in fact no one million dollar bill (Google saves the day once again- go ahead, make fun), I realized how profound carrying a reminder of this great proportion can be. ¬†A reminder that¬†I walk around with my very own million bucks all the time and¬†I so often forget that it’s there, burning a hole in my pocket; my own self-worth.

I am¬†sometimes quick to bend or apologize¬†or shy away from standing up for what’s right in order to avoid conflict or difficult conversations or¬†actions not because it is uncomfortable¬†for me to lean in- of course it IS¬†uncomfortable- but because I forget that I have value. ¬†Conceit and self-centeredness jokes aside, I am¬†rich with loving friends and family, rich with overall good health (barring any recent stress-induced sleep issues), rich with the understanding of love and my ability to be compassionate and to make decisions from a place of love instead of fear- when I remember, that is. ¬†Lately my life has seen more challenges and it seems I need more reminders. So in an effort to pull out my million dollar bill and waive it around as a “reminder to self”,¬†I would like to share my riches with you:

I’m so grateful for¬†a loving and supportive family who lets me do my best to love and support them back

I have incredible friends who check in even when they are too busy to check in

I have true love which is far more magnificent yet often quiet-and-unassuming while being¬†simultaneously more terrifying (read: vulnerable) than I ever imagined it would be and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, not even for a real million dollar bill

I have the ability to¬†dance like nobody’s watching and it¬†provides me with endless inspiration

I have access to music that feeds my soul, no matter the day/mood/location/experience

I am grateful for a steady job that challenges me and provides the flexibility to manage my own time

Meditation.  It keeps me grounded when I start to float away

I am very grateful for a healthy body and mind (hey we all have our “moments” but you know what I mean)

Compassion. ¬†I know what it is and I’m not afraid to use it

My sense of humor (bad timing and all) has gotten me through some of my darkest days and I continue to think I am by far more hilarious¬†than anyone else thinks I am ūüôā

Care to share some of your riches with me?  Go ahead, SHOW ME THE MONEY!  It might be just the reminder you need.

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger