Homage to Love

A Frenchman from Montreal and a California girl from New York met in Dallas last April.

On the 4th of July they met again in Queens and again in Marseille. It was love.  Simple and true.

The Autumn turned to Winter and her insecurities weakened her trust and doubt entered his mind for the first time.

Snow came to New York and Montreal and her love softened and warmed them both but he decided his love was not enough to strengthen what was now a delicate vulnerability.  He questioned everything.

They held each other in tears through the night and It ended this Tuesday morning in January in Montreal in the dead of Winter.

Spring will come soon.


Authenticity On A Monday (Thru Sunday)

No matter what: Be who you are, not who you’re not. Being who you’re not wastes everybody’s time. Everybody’s. Time. And that’s just plain disrespectful (especially to yourself).

Be grateful for what you have, instead of focusing on what you don’t. There will always be folks who have more/less than you.

Don’t second guess what you feel in your heart. Your heart in the end will rule.

Happy Monday!

The Zenful Blogger

Hopes And Dreams And Duct Tape And Glue

I had a dream last night but like most nights’ dreams, when I woke up, the dream was gone.  I can hear my father’s voice echoing in my mind, “Never let go of your dreams Babygirl!  Make them come true!”

I had this hope that one day I would devise some sort of plan to move people to wake up to themselves and their real lives and face the music and be “Okay” with it all.  So I became a dance teacher.

So then one day I found some duct tape and glue at the hardware store and upon remembering my dream I seamed it all together with my reality and the hope that taking one step at a time; one foot in front of the other, and breathing all along the way could only move my body closer to your body and our bodies closer to their bodies and everybody closer to the same hope and dream of being awake and compassionate.

I hope to dance with you… if not now, eventually.  Keep on keepin’ on,

Leah Joy, the Zenful Blogger

TZB Project 365 (Day 77) – What I Pray For Most

What I pray for most is:

To be happy
To have empathy and forgiveness and peace in the world
To live authentically without holding back
To offer kindness to all living things including our planet
To provide strength to those who are weak
To smile from the inside out until everyone around me is smiling too

What do you pray for?

The Zenful Blogger