Last Day (Day 129 out of 129) of the Middle Path Makeover – No Beginning No End

Today is the final day of the Middle Path Makeover and it is my 35th Birthday.

This has been a tremendous journey for me. A journey in peace; peace with myself. A journey in balance and that it is ok to need to find one extreme and the other in order to find my middle path because that is where I know I’m happiest. A journey in giving and kindness, and their direct links to self-respect and love. A journey in being more awake; daily meditation has and will continue to save me again and again. Finally, this project has been a journey in good health; a journey that will continue for me onto the next project here on the Zenful Blogger.

I’d like to thank the Husband, (my husband Heath), for without his support, there would be days when believing in myself wasn’t quite enough to carry me through this project to its fruition. Thank you darling for your unwavering strength. And to my family and friends: I love you and thank goodness for you every single day.

Thanks for following along. 🙂 I hope this project has inspired you to lead a more balanced, happy, awake and peaceful life. You have certainly inspired me with your comments and support!

Keep on keepin’ on, and see you right here next time! 🙂

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

Counting Down to Day 60 (out of 129) of The Middle Path Makeover – Good Day

Today was a good day! Today I managed to have such a good day that it really put all those average (or slightly below average) days to shame. It was so focused. So productive. Such good energy expelled AND returned. It was the BEST! Things happened and happened easily. Communication was clear and concise and memorable and COMPLIMENTARY. Today was a good day.

Appreciate the good,

-The Zenful Blogger

Counting Down to Day 61 (out of 129) of The Middle Path Makeover – Grace

I will keep today’s post short and to the point:

If you can handle whatever life throws at you with grace, you will be sure to see the biggest picture of them all: unconditional love for all sentient beings (yourself and all others included, of course). This is my life’s work.

Keep it graceful,

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

Counting Down to Day 65 (out of 129) of The Middle Path Makeover – Peace is All Around Us

A warm cup of tea on a cold day. A kind smile from a stranger passing by. The space between my thoughts. A child sleeping safely in her father’s arms. A happy houseplant. A deep breath followed by another deep breath. The moment a delicious bite of food hits my empty stomach. A waive hello. The sound of rain falling whilst safe indoors. Letting go.

There is peace here.

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger