Exciting and Zenful News!

Hey Zenful Dancers!

I have been invited to contribute a chapter on Zenful Dance Moving Meditation as part of a Dance Meditation Anthology publication.  I submitted the abstract for the chapter and I’m waiting for feedback and hopefully an acceptance letter.  This would be an amazing vehicle to help get the word out about Zenful Dance!

Fingers crossed!

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger (and  hopefully soon to be published writer!)

Counting Down to Day 33 (Day 96 out of 129) of the Middle Path Makeover – Kinhin, A Walking Meditation

Day by day, one in front of the other, heel then toes.
We place the foot on the floor in front of us, then we shift our weight. One step. We place the other then we shift our weight. Two steps.
Feel the heel sink into the earth; feel the toes follow the heel’s lead.
Knees relaxed and spine straight we walk in meditation. We are awake and aware of our bodies. Aware of our surroundings. Aware of our breathing.
We think: Just walking, just thinking, just breathing.
Just Kinhin.

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

Counting Down to Day 54 of the Middle Path Makeover Project – Be More Remarkable

Forgive the repeat in theme from yesterday but if anyone out there is reading this, I would really love to have your responses to these questions:

1. Can you recall something you’ve done that was remarkable; what was it?
2. Was fear one of the obstacles you had to overcome?
3. What will you do today to inspire yourself and others to be remarkable?

Thank you,

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger