Top 10 Things I’ve Learned in 2015

Happy almost-New Year Zenful Dancers! 2015 was a tremendous year of a wonderful highs and several very low lows- grounds for learning better for next year!  Here’s my Top 10:

10. Let go.  Getting upset seems to affect me far more than I’ve openly admitted in the past. It makes me physically sick.  Sure there’s a time and place for getting upset, but to cling to the idea of it while it drives me into the ground is well, SO counterproductive! Plus, I can’t think straight and I prefer to think straight. 🙂

9. Health comes first.  Be healthy and stay healthy.  No more taking good health for granted.  Health problems affect all areas of my life including my job, my relationships and my mood, not just my body.

8. Meditation is a lifesaver, I should do it more.IMG_0768  I’ve had a morning practice for years.  Time to add evenings.

7. Everyone I cross paths with is my teacher.  If I remain open, I can learn and grow from everyone I meet.  What to do.  What not to do.  Valuable lessons.

6. There is peace of mind in saving more money and owning less stuff.

5. Stop underestimating myself.   I am capable of far more when I choose to stay the path and not give into being a victim.

4. Laugh everyday. I friggen’ LOVE to laugh and I have never made a conscious effort to do it on a daily basis.  Life is SO much better with belly-aching, side-splitting laughter!

3. Invest without setting expectations of specific results.  Easy to say but much harder to do, this is a big lesson for me this year.

2. I am capable of living an extraordinary life once I get out of my own way.  Enough said.

1. Being happy can bring others happiness.   I had always thought this notion was selfish but this year I learned that it doesn’t have to be bad-selfish, as long as being happy isn’t at the expense of others.  Rather, it can be the kind that radiates goodness to everyone around me.

Here’s to a successful 2016 full of happiness, love, joy, laughter, growth and GREAT health!

Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

The Zenful Blogger Gets Juicy: Day 7 of 10 On the Juice (Cleanse that is)


That is the number of times I had to go see a man about a horse today. I think that’s a record. Seriously. I think I’ve won some sort of award.  If you or a loved one are aware of any cash-money prizes that are now owed to me, please do contact me. Look me up, I’m in the book and I could use the cash. 🙂

In other news: in preparation for a couple of monstrous days at work, I cheated. I went out and BOUGHT some juice! Ha! I know what you’re thinking… yee of little faith. I haven’t slipped up at all! But juicing requires A LOT of preparation and time (it can take me between 20-45 minutes to make enough juice for 1-3 servings).

Anyjuice, you get the point. It has been a relief to conserve energy today on prep work, and although everything today/tomorrow is store-bought, I will share the list with you in case you’re near a Whole Foods and feeling thirsty.

BLUE PRINT CLEANSE JUICES (This company is solid- er well bad choice of word there.  They make very fresh juices and I’ve used them before for a 5-day cleanse.  I highly recommend them.)

GREEN JUICE2 servings, 110 calories per serving

P.A.M.1 serving, 210 calories per serving

SPICY LEMONADE –  1 serving, 120 calories per serving

C.A.B.1 serving, 190 calories per serving

CASHEW MILK1 serving, 300 calories per serving

Obviously the BPC juice titles are lacking in creativity (how could any juice titles compare to my works of art) but what they lack in witty labels they definitely make up for in taste.


-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

The Zenful Blogger Gets Juicy: Day 6 of 10 On the Juice (Cleanse that is)

Zenful Dancers!  Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!  How the heck are ya?  I feel like it’s been a whole day since we’ve last… 

O.K. so here’s the gist of it:  Today was day 6 and I have not cheated once yet this whole time.  Even though this is my fourth crack at a juice cleanse, I still surprise myself that I haven’t eaten any food yet.  Of course, I haven’t really been hungry at all.  I drink juice when I’m hungry and I do my best to keep my calories up and drink tons of water.  This all seems to be working very well except I CANNOT STOP LOOKING AT PICTURES OF FOOD ON THE INTERNET.  I know, I know; this sounds like maybe somebody else you know. 😉

Sadly I have been looking at online cookbooks and dreaming up new recipes for my soon-to-be-eating-food-freedom-day.  Frankly, it’s sick.  I know I have a problem.  I have every intention of finishing this cleanse but I can’t help but look!  


******Day 6******

CHOPPIN’ (AND JUICIN’) BROCCOLImakes 1 serving, 431 calories per serving

Broccoli, 1 bunch

Ginger root, 1″ or 5 slices, raw

Rainbow swiss chard, 2 leaves

Bosc pear, 2 medium

Wash thoroughly, chop and combine in juicer.  Quite good.  Enjoy!


ALL GREENS PLUS1 serving (store bought), 221 calories per serving

GO AHEAD MAKE MY DAY (fresh batch)

BLUEBERRY WATERMELON SURPRISEmakes 1 serving, 240 calories per serving

Blueberries, 2 cups

Watermelon, 5 ounces

Wash, juice and enjoy!  What!!? I thought adding “SURPRISE” into the title would make things sound more exciting!  The surprise is in the taste! 😉

And there you go my friends!   Good night and good luck and juice safely!

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

The Zenful Blogger Gets Juicy: Days 3 and 4 of 10 On the Juice (Cleanse that is)

Hey Zenful Dancers!

Apologies for skipping a post! I crashed before I could reach the laptop last night.

So, today’s day 4 and there really seems to be something to this juicing stuff! 🙂

I’ve created some good (and a couple of not-so-good) recipes.  Try one or try them all and let me know what you think!  PLEASE NOTE:  In a previous life, I believe was someone important who sat around the boardroom table thinking up fabulous names for nail polish colors.  This is me (re?)living my past life regression through juice.  If you don’t enjoy the juice, at least enjoy the titles!!!

***Catching up from Day 3***

GO AHEAD, MAKE MY DAY – makes 2 servings*, 549.5 calories per serving

Cashew Nut Milk, raw whole cashews, soaked in filtered water for 1 hour, then drained and rinsed

Sea Salt, 2 pinches

3 cups of fresh, filtered water

Raw Honey, 1/2 tsp

Combine everything in a blender and add water.  Blend for 1 minute.  Enjoy!

2 APPLES A DAY MAKES THE DOCTOR STAY AWAY FOR GOOD! – makes 2 servings, 183 calories per serving

Romaine lettuce, 6 leaves

Fuji apples, 2

Lime, 1 whole

Carrots, 5 large

Wash well and juice.  Enjoy!

STR8 UP BEETS YO! – makes 1 serving, 140 calories

Beets, 1 bunch, medium

Juice and enjoy str8 up! 🙂

LET’S GO SALSA! – makes 1 serving, 142 calories per serving

Cherry tomatoes, 1/2 small container

Garlic, 2 cloves

Hot House/English cucumber, 1

Lemon, 1 whole

Wash, juice and enjoy!

****Day 4****

CABBAGE…POOPOODADOOP OOP! 🙂 – makes 2 servings, 116 calories per serving

Green cabbage, 1 head, large

Apple, 1 fuji, medium

Wash well, cut, juice and enjoy!

ALMONDS ARE A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND – makes 2 servings, 275 calories each serving

Raw almonds, pre-soaked in water overnight, 1 container

Water, 3 cups

Sea salt, a pinch

Raw honey, 1 tsp

Combine all ingredients in blender and blend for 2-3 minutes.  Strain into a glass.  Garnish with a cinnamon stick.  Enjoy!

ORANGE YOU GLAD I DIDN’T USE A BANANA? – makes 2.5 servings, 248 calories per serving

Pink grapefruit, 1 medium

Navel oranges, 4 medium

Baby carrots, 15oz or 1 regular-sized bag

Wash, cut and combine everything in the juicer.  Enjoy!

DON’T DO IT, – makes 2 servings, 100 calories per serving


Avocado, 1/2 large

Swiss chard, 3 leaves

Juice the swiss chard and add juice to blender with avocado.  Blend well.  Don’t drink it.  It sucks.  You’ve been warned.

I believe that should bring us up to speed!  I was a bit headachey yesterday and today but that seems to have dissipated this evening leaving me plenty of time to knit, watch 4 episodes of Parenthood Season 5 and get my laundry together.  I worked out both yesterday and today; normal high-energy aerobic workouts and I nailed them.  I think overall I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping my calorie intake up.  Still, I’m preparing for a detox day where I’ll be feeling gross and curled up in a small ball crying in the corner of my bathtub wishing I could eat something- anything- a blade of grass or some baby food.  That day has not yet come, but it could be just around the corner.  And when it comes please be on the lookout for an EVITE:

The Zenful Blogger Cordially Invites You… TO HER PITY PARTY!!!

But seriously, I feel pretty darn ok!  My skin is actually purging today and I feel clean.  It’s like just getting out of a shower for your insides!

Onto the next one, woo hoo!

Keep it real baby.  Keep it raw and juicy.

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

The Zenful Blogger Gets Juicy: Day 2 of 10 On the Juice (Cleanse that is)

Hello Zenful Dancers, Happy Thursday!

Today is day 2 of this wonderful world of juicing. I’ve got one word for you people: PREPARE. I thought that owning a juicing book, stocking my fridge full of delicious organic fruits and veggies and having a juicer ready to go at my beck and call would be all I’d need to get through this plan. But here’s the catch: I need enough calories (1200) to get through my workout and my workday and be able to maintain somewhat normal activity without falling asleep.

This is my fourth juice cleanse but the first cleanse I’ve juiced myself. Good job LJ. 😉

SO ya live and learn. So what if the entire thermos of juice that took me about an hour to make this morning and only added up to 158 calories? So what if I am home now trying to get the rest down the hatch (800 calories of juice in one sitting is challenging)? Does it really matter that I ran out of juice mid-day and had to run to the nearest organic juice store to stock up for the rest of the workday?

Of course it matters! I’ve learned so much today!!!

Here’s today’s recipes to add to the mix:

SEXY SWISS GREEN JUICEmakes 4 servings, 39.5 calories per serv.

Rainbow Swiss Chard, 1 bunch (approx 6 large leaves)

Celery, 8 stalks

Lemon, 1 small whole

Ginger Root, 1″ in diameter (approx 5 slices)

Hot House/English Cucumber, 1

ALL GREENS PLUS2, 12oz servings, 177 calories each – store bought

Proportions were not provided or labeled.  Your guess is as good as mine. 🙂










GO AHEAD, MAKE MY DAYmakes 2 servings, 549.5 calories per serving

Cashew Nut Milk, raw whole cashews, soaked in filtered water for 1 hour, then drained and rinsed

Sea Salt, 2 pinches

3 cups of fresh, filtered water

Raw Honey, 1/2 tsp

Combine everything in a blender and add water.  Blend for 1 minute.  Enjoy!  ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY – THIS IS THE LAST MEAL OF THE DAY

Total calories today: 1063.5 (I’m a bit under today.  I will try for more calories in the morning tomorrow rather than waiting for dessert time)

YAHOOOOOO!  I’M JUICING!!! 🙂  Have any of you Zenful Dancers joined in the fun yet?

Keep on keepin’ on,

Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger