This is a shout out to those bright lights, those friends or strangers, the angels in our lives that show up when we least expect it.  You are lovely and your love and energy are not wasted on us. They are infectious.  

Thank you.  Thank you for the reminder.  I feel so grateful to have caught a glimpse of you.

Keep on at it angels!  

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger


And What About The Time When…

Remember when you figured out how to print your name perfectly on paper?  Remember when you got the part you wanted in the 6th grade play?  Remember your fist kiss?  First time you had great sex?  Remember when you finally cleaned up your act and your credit score actually resembled a credit score instead of your age?  I remember.

I just got approved for an apartment on my own, by myself, with nobody’s help (although plenty of encouragement- thank you, you know who you are).  I realize it’s not a huge accomplishment to most people, but it means the world to me.  I’m so happy to embrace it.  I’m so grateful to have the opportunity.






Leah Joy, -The Zenful Blogger


TZB Project 365 (Day 47) – A Shout Out To My Friends

You know who you are:

K: Because you follow your dreams and stick to your guns no matter what. I admire you.
Merce: For the girl you were and the woman you are now. I love you.
Lis: For the laughter and tears through it all. You warm my heart.
A (male): Because you see the fun in life and turn even the dreariest of situations around
A (female): Because you are charismatic and can draw even the most closed off people to open their hearts
Mel: You never, ever, ever give up. You are some kind of Wonder Woman.
Gen: My soul feels much richer with you in my life.
Al: For your bravery and insights. You are my teacher.
Da Da: Because you light up the darkest skies with your spirit and genuine authenticity
D: Your silliness brightens peoples lives and you constantly make me smile from 3K miles away.
Em: For your sweetness, thoughtfulness and ever-constant ability to do what’s just and right
Murs: For your ability to roll with it and smile through and through- you have taught me not to take myself so seriously.
Ray: For your selfless, bottomless kindness and energy to put those you love first. You are an amazing friend to me.
Ames: For your patience which seems endless and unconditional love. You are my soul sistah.
BBB: For your cat-like abilities to always land on your feet and move in the direction of your heart. I am in awe of you.
Ginge: For your ability to fight using the power of love and the power of words instead of the power of the fist. You give me strength.
Dave: For your ability to bend life to you and not the other way around- you are an inspiration to me.

And to all my good friends: I love you and I’m so grateful you are in my life!

And to the Husband: For your ability to make me see with just one look, that I don’t have to change for anyone in order to be loved or beautiful or kind or to make the world a better place. Thank you.

LJ/Leah Joy/Leah, The Zenful Blogger