Overt Leadership

I don’t typically write about television (OK I almost NEVER write about television) but I recently watched a television series called Covert Affairs; a spy drama series starring Piper Perabo that was on for 5 seasons. It was a good show but I think it’s the first television drama series I’ve watched where all of the strongest characters were ambitious women and women in positions of power and decision making and the (most excellent) support cast were men. It portrayed women dealing with bureaucratic nonsense- where rules were often created just for the sake of having them- and these women struggling with themselves to decide between coloring within the lines or doing what’s right, not for themselves but for the greater good. There was overstepping but ultimately true leadership prevailed and backs were covered. I thought it showed an excellent example of how leadership should work from the bottom up and the top down, not just because of their gender, but because they were able to combine their intuition, passion, empathy and tireless research into seeing the big picture the way it should be seen: from all sides. Very inclusive and powerful message.

LJ Malberg, The Zenful Blogger (returns)

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