Thank You David Bowie

I do not claim to be original or self-important in posting the following commentary, but rather, heartfelt:  
There are few artists in my lifetime that have influenced and moved me more than David Bowie. His music, words, art and fashion were an extension of his brilliant, eccentric, big-picture-forward-thinking mind. He lived his life on his terms, which seemed (to me) without exception but always exceptional. I have been in awe of this man’s courage and extraordinary ability to let his art shine beyond any obstacles that life put in his way. All the way to the end.  
If I could live with even an ounce of the creative beauty Bowie carried throughout his life, I will be grateful. Although I did not know him personally, I’m deeply grateful for his open-hearted energy and artistic expression, an approach that reached and touched me and millions of others in such a profoundly positive way. 
I am very sad to lose such an incredible force of golden-with-spikes-and-astronaut-helmet-eye-patch-gender-bending-square-suit-wearing-plastic-soul-music-with-a-real-soul man. I feel deeply saddened for his family’s loss and I mourn his loss along with the rest of the world. David Bowie, one of just a few idols I’ve held closest to my heart. And today I celebrate his incredible life. #thankyoudavidbowie

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