Buy That Guy A Sammy: Week 2 of Feeding NYC’s Homeless

#BuyThatGuyASammyNYC - Michael


Hey Zenful Dancers!  Today’s sandwich goes to Michael.  Michael, a Veteran, has been homeless in Manhattan for about 90 days now.  He has been struggling with heroin addiction that has ultimately put him on the streets.  His eyes lit up with hope when he explained that he was just accepted into a 21-day program at a nearby reputable hospital.  He said he knows it will be tough but he has to stick it out in order to get back on his feet and he knows he can do it.  We wish you well Michael.  This sammy’s for you.

A HUGE THANK YOU to my dear friend Jeff who without pause forked over the extra $1.16 (above my $10 sammy weekly budget) to make this week’s sammy possible.

Pay it forward.  Who’s in?

Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

#BuyThatGirlASammyNYC #BuyThatGuyASammyNYC #PayItForward #FeedNYCHomeless #compassion

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