My Morning Mourning

This morning I cried. I cried for the 12 staff members of Charlie Hebdo who lost their lives because they chose to exercise their freedom of press and speech and expression. This morning I cried for the bombing outside the NAACP. I cried for the murdered police officers in Brooklyn who serviced their Country and community. I cried for all the peaceful Muslims, Jews, Christians and Buddhists of the world who are caught in the crossfire of religious extremists who commit selfish acts of hurt in the name of God, power or money.

This morning I sobbed for all the selfish people in the world who truly believe their needs are more important than someone else’s needs. We are all selfish. We all have needs. Let’s not step on the backs of others to get where we need to go! But we do it. We do it again and again and it seems we will never learn.

Today, I choose to be kind. If I’m brave, I’ll choose this again tomorrow, and then the next day. You should choose this too. Don’t allow your weaknesses to get the better of you. Be strong and choose kindness over hate. Compassion over power and manipulation. Love over fear.

But for now, I feel really sad. Sad and alone.

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

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  1. Aaron says:

    Sadness for this kind of senseless brutality is right.
    You’re not alone, Darling! The whole CIVILIZED world is sad along with you.

    1. Thank you. Love you.

  2. Melanie Sonsteng says:

    I love you Leah! If I were there with you I would give you a big hug and we could cry together. I send a tendril of my spirit out your way across the many miles. It can be hard to be open and sensitive and caring in our world filled with so much sorrow, but you are right to be brave, and stay open. It is worth it.


    1. I am open and brave because I have friends like you. Thank you for reaching out. xo

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