Counting Down to Day 97 (Day 33) of The Middle Path Makeover – Spark

I was looking back at my posts and really liked this one. I thought I should reblog/repost. Happy Halloween and enjoy your weekend! -TZB

The Zenful Blogger

I can’t think of another word that gets me more motivated and excited about life than spark. Spark is the connection, the ignition of energy between all living things. Spark is what raises the hair on my arms and gives me goosebumps. Spark is a passionate kiss with a lover. It is that first glance that brings two pairs of eyes to spark two pairs of lips to smile. Spark is the rustling of dancing leaves on a very still tree. Spark is literally electric. Its current can carry around the world and back in no time flat. It unites all of us. How beautiful!

-The Zenful Blogger

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