The Zenful Blogger Gets Juicy: Day 6 of 10 On the Juice (Cleanse that is)

Zenful Dancers!  Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!  How the heck are ya?  I feel like it’s been a whole day since we’ve last… 

O.K. so here’s the gist of it:  Today was day 6 and I have not cheated once yet this whole time.  Even though this is my fourth crack at a juice cleanse, I still surprise myself that I haven’t eaten any food yet.  Of course, I haven’t really been hungry at all.  I drink juice when I’m hungry and I do my best to keep my calories up and drink tons of water.  This all seems to be working very well except I CANNOT STOP LOOKING AT PICTURES OF FOOD ON THE INTERNET.  I know, I know; this sounds like maybe somebody else you know. 😉

Sadly I have been looking at online cookbooks and dreaming up new recipes for my soon-to-be-eating-food-freedom-day.  Frankly, it’s sick.  I know I have a problem.  I have every intention of finishing this cleanse but I can’t help but look!  


******Day 6******

CHOPPIN’ (AND JUICIN’) BROCCOLImakes 1 serving, 431 calories per serving

Broccoli, 1 bunch

Ginger root, 1″ or 5 slices, raw

Rainbow swiss chard, 2 leaves

Bosc pear, 2 medium

Wash thoroughly, chop and combine in juicer.  Quite good.  Enjoy!


ALL GREENS PLUS1 serving (store bought), 221 calories per serving

GO AHEAD MAKE MY DAY (fresh batch)

BLUEBERRY WATERMELON SURPRISEmakes 1 serving, 240 calories per serving

Blueberries, 2 cups

Watermelon, 5 ounces

Wash, juice and enjoy!  What!!? I thought adding “SURPRISE” into the title would make things sound more exciting!  The surprise is in the taste! 😉

And there you go my friends!   Good night and good luck and juice safely!

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

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