Sick of My Own Face

Well this is just great.  I passed by a bathroom mirror this morning and as I caught a glimpse I was certain I was sick of my own face.  “But how could this be?”, you ask, “it’s the only face you’ve got!”, you say.  

And so I say yes, it’s true, it is the only face I’ve got and normally I am kind to this face on most days but not today. Today I was dishonest with myself after I promised I wouldn’t be.  Today I was fake and plastic.  Today I was sleepwalking around as if no one saw me; as though I was invisible.  Today I wasn’t authentic.  

“What did you do to your face, once you were sick at the sight of it?”, you asked.  And I answered with silence looking downward at my feet and then closed my eyes feeling my breath gently leaving my nose; warm air on my lips.  

“I forgave myself”, I said as I looked up with a smile.

-Leah Joy Malberg, the Zenful Blogger

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