HELP! It’s an Emergency! Stop! Somebody Please Help!

Tonight on a subway home from work my husband and I witnessed a father repeatedly smacking his 3 small children in the face and in the head. All three of them fast asleep. All three of them seemingly drugged on something, incoherent and the smallest child (who couldn’t have been older than 4 years old) bleeding from his mouth. Everyone on the train witnessed this (appalled and embarrassed) but remained silent. The scene was disgusting. I was more appalled at myself for not saying anything.

As soon as we were outside the station, Heath valiantly attempted to waive down not one, not two, not three but FIVE cop cars. FIVE. None of them even slowed down to see if Heath was ok. We couldn’t believe that any of these NYPD officers just didn’t give a crap. None of them had their lights on; none of them seemed to be pursuing anyone. The disgust multiplies.

Heath calls 911 and reports an obvious case of child abuse. The dispatcher dispatches. The call ends.

What is the proper way to flag down a cop in the case of an emergency? This was what I found to be an extreme case of negligence on NYPD’s part.

Any and all feedback is welcome!

Keep on keepin’ on and help those who cannot help themselves!

Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

6 thoughts on “HELP! It’s an Emergency! Stop! Somebody Please Help!

  1. Shitty. When these things happen in public it takes so much just to snap to and realize they are not normal. Takes even more to have the courageous to act on them, as you saw from 50+ subway riders ignoring the situation. Hats off to Heath. Not sure you could have acted anymore appropriately.

  2. Hi Leah… Remember me… I was in Colorado Springs, CO, in a somewhat Getto area… I was working in a Walmart Store and had left the store for lunch… On the way back to the store, I was about to cross the street, when a father with his 5 – 6 children were crossing the street coming toward me… As they crossed the street, the father, yelling at the kids to run, then cursing at them to get the f____ out of the way, and why don’t you run you F_____ little S____s… I was so appalled by this that I yelled at him… STOP SCREAMING AT YOUR KIDS!!… He said to me… What do you want me to do, let them get hit by a car… I said… Why don’t you stand out there and let the car hit you.. You asshole.. Shame on you for yelling at your kids.. I screamed at him.. What do you think you are teaching your kids right now.. We have to do the right thing…

    Huggs… Wendi

  3. Oh sweetpea, I’m sorry. Here in the Bay Area, i would call the BART driver from the train, there’s info on how to do so in each train. If I was off the train, I would tell the staff at the BART office… Not sure how this relates to NY Metro… I would think that the problem may be in waiting until you are out of the metro. Street cops prolly have all sorts waving them down… Hopefully the kids will be well.

  4. You do not understand.
    Cops are not the brightist members of our socity.
    The are more interested in not exposing themselves and their pention.
    Follow my experience in trying to get some no horn blowing signs, soon to be on my blog.
    Keep up the good work and check out my new book, AwayToLive-Zen

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