TZB Project 365 (Day 60) – Who’s Really Looking?

Vanity and Buddhism don’t really go together (at all) in the same sentence, much less anywhere else. Growing up in the ballet world with costumes and makeup (and taught the desire for perfection instead of gratitude and acceptance), I became interested in fashion, cosmetics, hairstyles (er..and hair color too). Compared to some I guess, I gained an good eye for all of it. I still enjoy getting dolled up on occasion even though the Husband says I don’t really need to- who’s really looking besides me anyway?

But without fail, every time, no matter how many mascara layers I’ve got on, I never feel prettier, thinner, smarter, happier or more wonderful than when I am helping someone else.

Keep on keepin’ on and make the world a more beautiful place by being helpful!

The Zenful Blogger

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