TZB Project 365 (Day 59) – Food for Plants

Hey Zenful Dancers!

I’ll admit tonight’s post title lacks a little creativity but I have some questions on how to keep my 8 plants alive when I travel so much.  They make me happy, so I’d love your feedback!

They’re all indoor, partial shade, green houseplants (no orchids or flowering plants).  Is it better to water a little amount more frequently, or once a week and lots of water?  I have managed to keep all of these babies alive for years but they always look like they’re on their way out. 

Any suggestions you may have are greatly appreciated!

Keep on keepin’ on and keep it leafy!


4 thoughts on “TZB Project 365 (Day 59) – Food for Plants

  1. Grin… Well… It all depends on the origin of your plant doesn’t it?
    If it was a native to the amazon rain forest then it will like a little bit of water often. {Think rain forest}
    If it was a native to southern Europe it will be happier to a heavy watering every week or so and then allowed to get done dry before it’s next watering.
    There is no one correct answer to how often do I need to water my house plants!
    Happy gardening

    • Thanks for your feedback P! I’m obviously fairly inept in this department (I don’t even know the names of my plants or origins- I’m sure Sally, Henry, Phillip and Home Depot or Metropolitan Plant Exchange aren’t the names or origins you’re referring to). 🙂 It sounds like it’s time for me to do a little research in order to help these babies get stronger. Thanks again for your helpful guidance! -TZB

  2. You might try using some watering globes in the pots when you will be away for awhile… I usually water my plants once a week, but some of them get wilty or the soil dries out quickly, and I drizzle some water on them in between. Plant food sticks are a simple way to feed over time. If some of the plants are spangly and not doing too well, try trimming back the excess growth and let it sprout new shoots.

    The type of pot the plant is in can vary the watering needs, too. Is the pot glazed? Does it drain well? If the soil stays too wet, it can cause some plants to rot.

    If you have succulents or cactus, they like to dry out in between waterings and then get a good deep drink. Many of the most common houseplants aside from cactus/succulents are from tropical climates, they like soil to stay moderately moist, and many enjoy a misting every few days on the leaves.

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