TZB Project 365 (Day 58) – The Blahs

Today was just one of those days where the drab weather outside matched the way I felt inside.  I guess I had a day of the blahs.  I did my best to have fun but nothing I did today was that “epic”.  I gave it my all anyway and that’s all I had to give.  That will have to be enough for today.  Tomorrow is a new day.

How was your day?


3 thoughts on “TZB Project 365 (Day 58) – The Blahs

  1. I hear you. I woke up this morning feeling like I should just stay in bed and wait it out. There is always tomorrow.

    Reminds me of a joke.

    I try and take one day at a time but lately they have been ganging up on me. 🙂

  2. The bad days seem to make the good ones so much better, don’t ya think?

    guess it kinda makes it good to have some bad days.


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