TZB Project 365 (Day 47) – A Shout Out To My Friends

You know who you are:

K: Because you follow your dreams and stick to your guns no matter what. I admire you.
Merce: For the girl you were and the woman you are now. I love you.
Lis: For the laughter and tears through it all. You warm my heart.
A (male): Because you see the fun in life and turn even the dreariest of situations around
A (female): Because you are charismatic and can draw even the most closed off people to open their hearts
Mel: You never, ever, ever give up. You are some kind of Wonder Woman.
Gen: My soul feels much richer with you in my life.
Al: For your bravery and insights. You are my teacher.
Da Da: Because you light up the darkest skies with your spirit and genuine authenticity
D: Your silliness brightens peoples lives and you constantly make me smile from 3K miles away.
Em: For your sweetness, thoughtfulness and ever-constant ability to do what’s just and right
Murs: For your ability to roll with it and smile through and through- you have taught me not to take myself so seriously.
Ray: For your selfless, bottomless kindness and energy to put those you love first. You are an amazing friend to me.
Ames: For your patience which seems endless and unconditional love. You are my soul sistah.
BBB: For your cat-like abilities to always land on your feet and move in the direction of your heart. I am in awe of you.
Ginge: For your ability to fight using the power of love and the power of words instead of the power of the fist. You give me strength.
Dave: For your ability to bend life to you and not the other way around- you are an inspiration to me.

And to all my good friends: I love you and I’m so grateful you are in my life!

And to the Husband: For your ability to make me see with just one look, that I don’t have to change for anyone in order to be loved or beautiful or kind or to make the world a better place. Thank you.

LJ/Leah Joy/Leah, The Zenful Blogger

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