TZB Project 365 (Day 37) – The Art of Goodbye

One of my greatest loves is traveling.  I’ve had the fortunate experience of meeting so many people along the way.  New faces, Clients, family, old friends, other travelers… so many folks to meet and to exchange energy and ideas with. 

Of course one of the most unique and exciting attributes of traveling is the fact that time in any one place is short.  The exchanges tend to be focused because I can’t afford to waste one minute.  I often relish in the art of goodbye because I choose to leave people feeling good about themselves while enjoying our conversation’s end on an up note.  I say my piece with love and then let go and move on.  This allows me to meet a lot of people and yet still, be able to move forward.  It wasn’t always this way, but as I dove deeper into my love of traveling, I felt and still feel this is the path of least resistance.  And it is the most joyful path most of the time.

How do you say goodbye? 


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