TZB Project 365 (Day 20) – Top 5 Japanese Anime Films

Hey Zenful Dancers! I have a confession to make: I thoroughly enjoy cartoon animation…still. 🙂
I’m not talking about Family Guy and the Simpsons, although these are fun too, but something entirely more fulfilling. Japanese Anime FL (Full Length Featured Films). They run the gamut of silly and bubbly to the most gorgeous and cleverly aesthetic backgrounds you’ll ever see (I’m most drawn to the Sci-fi and Fantasy Anime). The lead character’s hair blows so gracefully in the cartoon wind that I find myself asking: “I wonder what hair products he uses?”. Their big eyes have pie-slice-sized reflections of light in them that you (oddly) cannot stop staring at. The plots are weirdly wonderful and seldom normal. Everyone seems to have special powers. No matter what the ending, I seem to be smiling and crying at the same time (it’s very confusing!).

And so, in honor of Studio Ghibli’s U.S. debut of the Secret World of Arrietty (2010), here is my top 5 list:

1. Rurouni Kenshin – Samurai X
2. Castle in the Sky
3. Spirited Away
4. Vampire Hunter – Bloodlust
5. Sailor Moon
BONUS ROUND. 6. The Last Unicorn (1982, Topcraft, U.S., not Japanese)

Check one out (or all of ’em) today!

Got anything to add? Please comment below.

Keep on keepin’ on and it keep it fantastical! 🙂


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