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Up until two years ago, every year around this time I’ve had a tendency to get the sniffles, followed by a cold, followed by an indescribable case of phlegm (well I won’t describe it to you anyway), followed by bronchitis. It’s always sucked mostly because I hate being sick but also because I’m a terrible spitter. I can’t spit well. You know how the boys in school always had spitting contests? I never partook. So due to my lack of spitting experience, when I get all phlegmy, I can’t spit it out. So it just sits and gathers in my lungs, having a gooey ol’ time at my expense. (Gross!)

Years back, one of my belly dance students had told me about the Neti pot. She swore by it; said she never got sick. Finally, one phlegmy day, a couple of years ago, I went to the drugstore and invested…

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