TZB Project 365 – Me First Planning Parties – Day 8

I’m guilty as charged for not being a consistent planner. The Husband is usually much more talented in that department than I am (god bless him). Nevertheless, every time I do make the effort to dust off the old calendar, I notice a huge increase in production and a nice decrease in my stress levels. I seem to have no problem planning regularly when it comes to work. But personal stuff, that takes a back seat. How sad! No wonder I don’t go to yoga as often as I would like! I know, I know, this probably seems more obvious to you than the sky is blue but I often forget to put me first. When I do remember, I always have an epic week!

So here’s to this and future weeks of Me First Planning Parties. I just know we’re gonna have a good time!

-Leah Joy, TZB

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