TZB Project 365 – Just Do It Already! – Day 4

Hey Zenful Dancers! Why wait when you can do it now? Do what you ask? Do IT! You know, IT, as in Interesting Things!

1. Plant wintery bulbs in your window.
2. Instead of asking “how are you?” to a stranger (when you really just meant to say “hello”), wait and actually listen for the answer to your question.
3. Stand on your head (if you don’t have a neck injury)
4. Ask for what you want even if you think the answer is no.
5. Laugh at yourself out loud.
6. Learn a gibberish language ibitand spibiteak ibita libitittle ebitvery dibitay. 🙂
7. Steal a kiss in an unexpected place or moment.
9. Brush your teeth with your left hand if your right-handed. Or with your feet if your left-handed. 🙂
10. (and my personal favorite) Dance like nobody is watching but while everyone is watching you.

Keep on keepin’ on and keep it interesting. You might just learn something new about yourself!

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

P.S. Thanks to Allison Barber for the inspiring title to today’s post!

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