TZB Project 365 – Healthy & Happy – Day 1

Happy New Year Zenful Dancers!

This year I have chosen to abide by two resolutions I’ve set for myself: Good health and happiness. This is a bit less stringent than the format for my 129-day Middle Path Makeover Project of 2011. I’m hopeful that the freedom from this new infrastructure will enable me to relax a little more into the creative process. There’s no solid plan for content but I’m sure there will be plenty stories of balance and imbalance, Sangha (community), videos, photos, recipes, cool workouts and maybe even a couple koans (for those of you who are interested). I intend to blog every day for 365 days and look forward to unearthing inspirations of health and happiness with you over the next year. Good fun. And in the spirit of “Healthy & Happy” may I highly recommend a healthy-sized scoop of lemon zest sorbet sometime in the near future. It’s friggen’ delish! 🙂 Here’s wishing you great health and happiness in 2012!

Keep on keepin’ on and here we go!

Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

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