Push It Real Good

The Zenful Blogger

Playing it safe can be nice.  It can be comfy and warm.  Push it too far and someone can get hurt. So we play it safe and things become complacent; boring. We don’t grow anymore.   We become the “company man”. But it’s safe here and predictable.  It’s nice.

So maybe one day we wake up and stretch ourselves a bit.  The legs get cramped up but it’s nothing we can’t shake off.  We learn how far is too far and we take it up to just before the limit.  Sure, it ain’t dancing on Broadway but it definitely involves dancing our asses off at the company holiday party. 

You don’t have to Occupy Wall St. or Broadway to show your school spirit.  You can make a huge difference if you just push it real good.  All you have to do is wake up and open your heart.


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