Hey Yin! Please Meet Yang!

I’m drawn to folks that are different; the way they dress, speak, think and act. I had a reoccurring dream as a small child to dance in Africa and then fulfilled it when I was 22 (what do “normal” children dream about?). I have an affinity towards exotic foods. I can’t just belong to one singular religion (it’s not overwhelming enough)- I’m partial to two! Bu-Jew (or Jew-Bus if you’re on the East Coast). I’m a dringer (simultaneous drummer and singer) and I prefer shoes that sparkle in some way. I love to travel and meet new people. I’m much more interested in hearing what folks are passionate about and why they have or have not chased after their dreams than listen to small talk about what they do for a living. A fiery, passionate more ambitious side of me.

But I’m also quite happy to chill at home with a cup of tea. I am truly content to stay back in the shadows when someone else wants the spotlight. Finding an escape in movies and film is one of my most favorite guilty pleasures (in addition to chocolate, which can be digested simultaneously with a movie). Introversion and introspection will often play when the extraversion retires for the day. A gentler and sometimes more patient side of me.

And so yin meets yang. They’re hanging out in my kitchen right now! Perhaps there is peace of mind knowing both sides are my truths. Perhaps I’ll meditate on that tonight.

Have your yin and yang met?

Stay true,


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