3 Cure Shows and a Zenful Blogger

So let me start off by saying that my dream of getting backstage or even meeting the artist currently known as Robert Smith of The Cure did not happen. But let me tell you what did happen.

Grace. Poise. Professionalism. Humor. Confidence. Silliness. Articulation. Art. Music. Poetry. Dance. Idiosyncrasies. This guy is (still) INCREDIBLE… the band simply put, is excellent, still after 33 years.

I was in Row D all three nights. By myself. I’ve never gone to the same concert 3 times or 3 nights in a row before, much less by myself (What? Nobody was available to go!) Never been this close. I knew all the songs (including the B-sides of course). I was about 30 or 40 feet away from Robert Smith. Each night’s performance lasted approximately 3 hours. They just kept coming back on stage with more and more material.

I was taken with how personable Smith was on stage. He tried to make eyeliner-eye contact with everyone in the audience. He was thoughtful in his approach. Each performance was a variation of the last. Definitely a perfectionist and I believe he wouldn’t have it any other way. The voice. The lead sobbing/screaming/crying/laughing/meowing guitar riffs. Just fab.

Had I the chance to meet Smith back stage (please refer to my earlier “Starstruck” blog post), I would have chosen Obsessed. He would have gotten a good laugh and perhaps maybe I would have gotten a warm handshake or a peck on the cheek (my delivery would have to have been “cheeky”, of course).

Although my dream wasn’t fulfilled on this tour there’s always next time. I think they have many more tours in their future.

If you have a chance to see them perform live, don’t pass it up! http://www.thecure.com My personal favorite starter album would be Head on the Door (1985) followed by Seventeen Seconds (1980). Obviously not chronological. Just personal preference.

So in the meantime, keep on keepin’ on and keep on dreamin’ no matter how silly or immature it may seem! It may get you closer to living the dream than you’ve ever been before. 🙂


2 thoughts on “3 Cure Shows and a Zenful Blogger

  1. Leah! I LOVE it, I’m sooo happy for you that you got to see Robert and the Cure!! Perfect! This post is totally making me want to see them!!

    Thanks for sharing your tale of musical bliss!! It’s so true, it’s vital to keep dreamin’ now matter what!

    “But if I had your faith
    Then I could make it safe and clean
    If only I was sure
    That my head on the door was a dream”

    I hope you DO get to meet Mr. Smith someday, he would be so lucky!


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