Hey there Zenful Dancers!

I wanted to dedicate this blog post to all of us who need to vent a little so we can get on with the good stuff and feel grateful!

SO… Whatsamattayou?

Me? (Thanks for asking! 🙂 ) Well, I’m a little tired today from traveling and sitting next to a smelly woman on a fully packed train for 5 hours without a bottle of water, while she squashed me by taking up all of her seat and most of mine.

BUT then I got home and saw my husband who missed me lots (and I him) and found that he had cleaned and organized our closet and the rest of the apartment while I was out (No, he is not available on loan), and I feel SO GRATEFUL to have him in my life! AND I appreciated him even more because he smelled really nice and didn’t at all remind me of the woman from the train.

SO… Whatsamattayou? Don’t hold back! Go ahead and get it out of your system but do the exercise until you can feel grateful (this is key).

Keep on keepin’ on and then Faghetaboudit and feel GOOD NOW! 🙂

-The Zenful Blogger

3 thoughts on “Whatsamattayou?

  1. Thanks for asking!

    Agghhhh… so my ex and I had a messy break-up over 8 month ago. Back then, I told her that I will leave the house for 1 week and in my return I expect for her to take everything that she felt to be hers out of my house and for us to never look back! She did. I got back to a half-empty house and where I felt the most emptiness was in my kitchen.

    For me, cooking has always been a ritual of love. I cooked for my loved ones, friends and family alike to share good times and break bread. I put my earnest effort to make tasty and healthy meals. This is something I do for fun, besides my full time work and volunteering activities.

    So its Thanksgiving time. For me, it is the BEST holiday of the year because it gravitates around the idea of having family and friends sitting around the table sharing a delicious meal. No presents like Christmas or birthdays, just the gift of having loved ones all in one place sharing a meal.

    Well, I have always hosted Thanksgiving dinner. In fact, for the last 4 years I cooked two meals. One meal, which I called it “from my kitchen to your table” is the idea of cooking a dinner for a family in need and donating the entire Thanksgiving dinner for them to enjoy with their family and loved ones. The second dinner is for my family and loved ones.

    As I started looking at my empty kitchen I was so frustrated when I looked for a pot or a pan and found but an old broken pan with handle sharp enough to cut someone. I looked up where plates used to be, and found a couple of miss-matching plates. I took a long sight. I knew that I did not want to break my cooking tradition. So I have spent the last two weeks researching and shopping for kitchen equipment. As of last night, I have a full kitchen with pots and pans, knifes, mixing bowls, measuring cups… and yes, even plates!

    I will be cooking tonight for a single mother of three, living in a sheltered home, a domestic violence survivor, and I have the honor to cook a meal from my kitchen to her table. I’m so excited to be able to do so. Tomorrow, I will have a full house with family and friends and I can hardly wait to cook for them! I’m so blessed, to be able to do these things for others! Despite the emptiness I felt in my kitchen a week ago, today it feels full of flavor!

    Thanks for letting me share this with you~ I think you are a rock star!!!

  2. Allan, thank you so much for sharing your Whatsamattayou story with all of us! I love the transition your story made from venting to sheer gratefulness. 🙂

    How fortunate you are to have the passion, talent and the creative opportunity all come together to feed a family in need. With all the love and great energy you invested into the meal, I’m sure this family enjoyed their Thanksgiving as much as you did preparing it for them.

    I hope you enjoy your new kitchen equipment and dishes (it sounds like you’re off to an incredible start)!

    Happy Thanksgiving today and everyday!


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