Care to Share?

This sensational abstract is entitled “Sunset in the Milk” and is created by the artist Gavin Kistner.

Care to share what word or words come to mind when you see this? I see love.

Keep on keepin’ on and keep it lovely,

-Leah Joy, the Zenful Blogger

4 thoughts on “Care to Share?

  1. Leah,

    Thank you for sharing. Sunset Milk evokes some very primal, instinctual and decisive feelings in me. The diagonal rift between the intense green and red conjure a precipice, or horizon, or threshold. The blue elements on either side bring to mind guardian sprits, or Talismans, that protect us from polarities or destruction. Then I see the yellow horizon as the dharma, or the will to higher power; the beacon that steers us toward acceptance, calm, and intuition, the thing that calls us toward our true selves.

    This piece is really intense, and honest. I feel that if we look beyond the separation of red and blue, and see the interrelation of these two distinct elements, then we can move toward the yellow, or what I see as non-duality, the union of opposites. Maybe that is us, maybe that is our individuality. But it feels like inter-connectedness in the midst of chaos.

    Thanks again for sharing, I have some interesting new thoughts and impressions to entertain ; )


    • Fantastic! Your insights are appreciated! I love that you see guardian spirits. I would take this even a step further and say that all aspects of this are different parts of the same universe or same being. That the polarities play a part within one love and one truth.

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