Counting Down to Day 11 (Day 118 out of 129) of the Middle Path Makeover – Cleanse

Spring has finally, finally arrived (I was beginning to have my doubts that it ever would). So yay and hallelujah for Spring! In honor of Springtime and the fact that my body could really use a break, I am doing a juice fast for six days. I’ve already done my clean-eating preparation for the last 6 days so I’m ready to go! I can’t wait to feel great! I did a cleanse similar to this about 5 years ago in order to flush my system of some black mold that had found its way into my lungs (gross!). By the end it was gone truly amazing! So I will be checking in with you along the way to keep you posted on my progress. I know days one and two are the hardest, so my apologies in advance if the status for tomorrow and Thursday say something like “hungry” and “still hungry”. 🙂

Juicing can be great but it’s a pretty extreme thing to do to your body and you of course would want to check with your doctor before trying one out. So here are 3 great ways to help clean your system even without doing a juice fast:

1. Skin brushing: Try dry brushing your skin with a dry loofah (in a direction away from your heart). This exfoliates the dead skin cells and promotes better blood flow in the skin, leaving you with a lovely glow! It’s kind of scratchy but quite invigorating!

2. Water and lemon: Start your day with a cup of hot water (room temp is good too) and slices of fresh lemon or lemon juice. This will really get your system moving if you know what I mean.

3. Stop eating at least 2 hours before bedtime: This gives your body a good chance to digest the food from dinner before you hit the lights. You might sleep better too!

Well that’s it for now… tomorrow, JUICE for me it is!

Keep on keepin’ on and keep it fresh and clean,

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

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