Counting Down to Day 13 (Day 116 out of 129) of the Middle Path Makeover – Zenful Catch Up, Part III

This blogpost is the third and final part in the Zenful Catch Up series. The topic is truth. In my past I was never very good at wanting to see the truth for what it really was (both in others and in myself). In others I only wanted to see the good, never the flaws. These aren’t of course realistic characteristics for anyone to have. Ironically, I’ve been incredibly unsupportive of myself and my initiatives, never truly believing I could take many aspects of my life to the next level, even with all the successes I’ve had. I’ve downplayed those successes until I believed they weren’t successful at all.

The truth is I’ve been scared of the truth. The lessons here are to be a truth-seeker. To accept the reality for what it is and not all the layered bullshit disguised as reality.

This is my truth, what is yours?

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

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