Counting Down to Day 32 (Day 97 out of 129) of the Middle Path Makeover – Fearing Fear Itself

Much earlier on in the Middle Path Makeover Project I wrote about dreaming of what I could be when I finally grew up. On another project I wrote about getting out of my own way. But today I am writing about being brave. Life can be very scary for me sometimes and as a friend of mine said to me (just earlier today as a matter of fact), “Sometimes you just have to make the hard decisions”. And he’s right. Sometimes the hard decisions and the correct decisions for me may not always be the most popular decisions. Once I look past caring about whether or not others like me for making a certain decision, things become easier and clearer. The path unfolds and I become brave enough to take another step along the path of fearlessness. I think I’m gonna make it, I think I’ll be ok. 🙂

Honor yourself and be brave,

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

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  1. Billy says:


    I completely agree with your thoughts on decision making. Sometimes, our decision can be deeply personal and difficult.

    Choices we make for ourselves in life can define us, and affect those we care about.

    Especially in relationships, our freedom of choice can have profound impacts on both partners, and this is one of the most significant trials of our courage.

    I’m walking through this fire at this very moment, and the strength and courage it takes is demanding so much of me, but this is the edge of life that also brings us fully into the moment, into the passion of existence.

    I call this road, “the path of most exquisite pain.”

    Yes, we must be courageous, for ourselves first, so that we can be more courageous for those we love.

    Yes, I think I’m going to make it. I chant this mantra along with you : )


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