Counting Down to Day 50 (Day 79 out of 129) of the Middle Path Makeover- My Answers To Side by Side Comparisons

When making a side by side comparison, I would rather have:

1.  trouble in your relationship vs. trouble in your relationship with yourself. TROUBLE IN THE RELATIONSHIP WITH MYSELF.
2.  bad email communication vs. great smoke signals. BAD EMAIL COMMUNICATION.
3.  ham sandwich with cheese vs. ham and cheese without bread. CHEESE AND HAM WITHOUT THE BREAD.
4.  tea vs. coffee.  TEA.
5.  patterns vs. solid black.  SOLID BLACK.
6.  parachute pants vs. MC Hammer pants.  MC HAMMER PANTS
7.  hula hooping vs. belly dancing. BELLY DANCING
8.  raw onions vs. raw garlic. RAW GARLIC.
9.  yoga vs. Zazen. ZAZEN.
10.  monkey bars vs. the swing. THE SWING.

What say you?



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