Counting Down to Day 55 (Or Day 74 out of 129) of The Middle Path Makeover Project – Easy Button

Making things more difficult than they actually are is something of an area of expertise for me. I should seriously consider consulting in this market for large sums of money (but that would be too easy).

I’ve decided to use today’s post to remind myself that they are many ways to find the easy button. Here’s a few:

1. Wheels. Um, seriously, why recreate them? I recently invested in a bag with wheels instead being used to schlepping this enormous thing through airports on one shoulder, practically killing myself. It’s like a miracle! (Easy Button!)
2. Are you (chronically) late? Often bad with directions and get lost? Dependent on the public transit system to deliver you unto the rest of the human race (here! here!!)? Decide what time you will realistically arrive based on your circumstances and add 30 minutes. Pick up the phone and communicate your new ETA. You’ll be able to relax a little and most likely, you’ll be early! (Easy Button!!)
3. Multitasking is a really popular skill these days. I see it all the time on peoples’ job descriptions and resumes. The truth is, we can only do 1 thing at a time (although some of us really fast folks make it look like we’re doing 3). Have a predetermined amount of time to dedicate to each project and when time’s up, move onto the next one. And don’t get caught up- just keep dancin’. (Easy Button!!!)
4. All-in-ones – Cleansers, fax/printer/scanners, solar panels, fitness machines and cloth diapers can be a great way to save time, energy and money AND space! (Where’s that Easy Button?!!!)

I think these 4 reminders could be a great start of a new week! It doesn’t always have to be difficult to be effective!

Keep on keepin’ on and keep it simple,

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

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