Counting Down to Day 59 (Or Day 70 out of 129) of The Middle Path Makeover Project – Flow with it

“Resistance is futile.” That’s what the Borg used to say. I’ve always been the one to be vocal and stand up for what I believe in and stand up for others who can’t. So often I’ve gotten used to fighting that at times I’m fighting for the sake of it; bad habit. It doesn’t make sense to do it. Thank goodness for self-awareness or I’d never stop getting out of my own way. It can be really exhausting.

As fortune would have it, I’m a dancer. Or at least I was a dancer for nearly 30 years and intensely educated in the art of flow. I’ve been really lucky to never need any sort of drug or alcohol to find my flow, I simply needed to just be aware of myself enough to turn the switch on. The dissidence would dissipate and I’d be left with sheer joy. This has always been such a gift for me, but I think I’ve taken it for granted. Unfortunately, the longer I go without dancing, the more difficult it is to find the switch. It’s become harder to rely on. And now I find myself getting in my own way again.

So I’m on a mission to find my flow. Since Stella got her groove back, Leah Joy can probably find her flow, right? Tomorrow during Zazen (seated meditation), I will practice getting out of my way and going with the flow. The flow of my breath. It will be a beautiful dance, done seated completely still on a cushion. 🙂

“Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting for flow”,


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