Counting Down to Day 62 (out of 129) of The Middle Path Makeover – Tea Time, Part II

I am so very excited to share the following tea spots with you! Firstly, we’ll start in NYC with McNulty’s, since it’s closest to where we live and I visit this place frequently (stalk, more like). My friend Lisa turned me onto this quaint little room of a tea and coffee shop in the Village where they sell everything in bulk. The teas are literally piled in jars and bags from ground to ceiling and surrounded by coffee beans from around the world. It smells so delicious when you first walk in that it makes you just want to open up your billfold and hand over all your cash.

Designed for the World’s Fair in San Francisco, the Japanese Tea Garden inside the historic and beautiful Golden Gate Park is one of my favorite places on the planet. The tea house is serene and magical and I’ve been going there ever since I was a little girl (which was just a few years ago 😉 In over 30 years, I’ve never known them to change their teas or snacks and I hope they never do!

I find this spot to be so cute and thoughtful in design and menu. Very European. Although I’ve been there only 2 times when in Boston for business, the set up and the service is sweet and memorable. If you like eye candy, this place is dripping with eatables and adorable decor and the Chai is perfect.

This is the Husband’s and my favorite tea house in Old Montreal, Canada. They have possibly the most beautiful and unique collection of teapots for sale I’ve ever set eyes on, and they’re all set up in glass cases like a museum. The staff serves their tea ceremoniously which is really fun to experience, and their dim sum-type snacks are delish! They even tell you exactly how many minutes to brew your specific tea so as not to burn the leaves and avoid bitterness. It is family owned and the owners are very charming:

If you want to buy some GORGEOUS tasting teas (African Nectar is my favorite) that come in bulk but also the option to purchase in these lovely silk bags, you’ve got to try Mighty Leaf. I’ve been ordering from them online for years.

San Francisco Herb Company sells both wholesale and retail tea n’ spices (and their supplies) in bulk. Although I’ve never actually visited their store, I trust their high quality, food-grade herbs as they’ve been around forever and have been more than satisfied with every shipment I’ve ever gotten (in a previous lifetime, I used to manufacture herbal soaps and candles). I find their prices to be extremely reasonable and their online store very easy to navigate.

So there’s a few places for you to try out! If you’ve ever been or are planning to go, let me know!

Keep on keepin’ on and keep it teaful!

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger
P.S. In case you’re wondering, none of these lovely places have paid me to say these lovely things about them. It’s just how I feel! 🙂 Enjoy!!

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