Counting Down to Day 74 (Out of 129) of The Middle Path Makeover – Looking Back at Backwards Day

Habits are weird things. Good or bad, the way they develop for me tends to be the same. Yesterday was a test for me to see if changing things up a bit would be fun or better or both. Definitely fun. But better? The jury is still out. What I do know is that I like the newness of change. It’s exciting! Yesterday’s experiment also allowed me to switch my scheduling around which in return lowered my levels of anxiety, like blogging when I woke up instead of just before bed. The whole day I repeatedly felt like I was missing something only to keep checking my purse and pants pockets and realizing that I had already blogged and I wasn’t missing anything. 🙂

Here are the details of my day’s schedule:

10am blog – it felt great to get this done first and i didn’t have to strain to locate the last bits of remaining brain power in order to complete it (yeah, don’t judge me). this felt so good, i’m trying it again this morning!
11am bedtime grooming, brush teeth, wash face, etc. – not putting any makeup on saves so much time
1110am get dressed with our shirts inside out – this was fun but itchy, the tags kept poking me in the chin. people were looking but didn’t say anything like “hey lady, you probably already know this but your shirt is backwards and your sweater is inside out!”
1150am movie theater – we’re seeing the green hornet and probably eating dinner for breakfast; sure why not? the Husband and i had a glass of an adult beverage with our dinner (breakfast) and although I don’t recall ever drinking this early in the day before, i’m certainly not opposed to doing it again on a weekly if not daily basis.
130pm breakfast for lunch – brunch? – with the dinner for breakfast and the movie, we didn’t have time to squeeze this in. we chewed gum instead.
230pm dr appointment – okay there’s nothing backwards about this, i just couldn’t get out of my appointment – enough said.
430pm ok i know i said i have the day off but I suspect i’ll try to squeeze in some emails and calls for work – it actually turns into a few hours of work but it was productive and i enjoyed the process.
630pm i’ll call my 3 grandmas. yes I have 3; i’m just lucky that way. do you have a grandma? you should call her. – lame. this didn’t happen at all. i apologize for preaching when i in the end did not make those calls. i’ll be doing that this evening.
730pm yoga and meditation. i always do this in the morning. – it felt strangely relaxing to practice in the evening; i think i slept better last night. cool!
9pm clean up and get ready for work; hmmm i’m not sure about the whole sleeping in my work clothes thing. oh what the hell, it’s only one night. – the clean up part happened for sure but the whole sleeping in my clothes thing was conveniently forgotten. i woke up in my pjs.
10pm lights out

So all in all, I think this was a fun and if nothing else interesting experiment in habit breaking. I will definitely do this again. Perhaps it should be a monthly thing (there I go again trying to put another habit into play). The next time you notice your habits, maybe try to shake things up a bit by trying a new way home or a new food if you have the same thing everyday for lunch, or a different way of wearing your clothes, or a different time of the day you usually exercise or meditate. You might discover something that works for you even better.

Keep on keepin’ on and keep your mind open!

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

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