Counting Down to Day 83 (Day 47) of The Middle Path Makeover – Find Your Magic

What is the secret of focused concentration? As a ballet dancer many years ago, I pushed myself past the limit of physical exhaustion. I would dance the combinations through the point of muscle memory. This is the point where a lot of my fellow dancers would relax. But I knew that if I gave into my muscle memory, I’d produce sloppy dancing. The conscious mind must be engaged along with the muscle memory long enough for the dance to become magical. I was so focused on reaching that point that nothing else in that moment mattered more than the magic. Sure I had my days where I’d give up before that point, but tapping into the magic is what made me a stronger, better, more graceful dancer. It made all the hard work worthwhile.

These days I do a lot less dancing (permanent neck injury) but the skill of focused concentration is something I still practice daily and rely on heavily for work (and play). Let me tell you, life is so much more rewarding when you find the magic. So go ahead and excuse yourself. Maybe turn off the cell and the TV and go in the other room where the distractions are few and don’t give up until you find your magic.

Keep on keepin’ on and be the ball. 🙂

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

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