Counting Down to Day 94 (Out of 129) of the Middle Path Makeover Project

I mean this in the most sincere way when I say that the Middle Path Makeover has been a pretty tough act to follow so far. Being that I created it, you’d think that maybe I could make it a little easier to complete the daily and weekly To-dos; offer up a little more breathing room. But not so much. Tonight in a meeting with a colleague, we were discussing how time and time again, we over-promise ourselves and then consistently deliver underwhelming results. Typically, this bums me out (who wouldn’t be bummed out?).

With MPMP, I may have found (close to) the correct balance of realistic goals; albeit still requiring ginormous amounts of focused concentration in order to complete them. Is my follow through perfect? Hardly. But the consistency is far better than anything I’ve tried to see through to completion in the past. Maybe I’m getting more realistic in my old age. Maybe I’m tired of disappointing myself. Maybe it’s both.

I plan to keep on keepin’ it real until I get the balance just right.

The Zenful Blogger

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