Counting Down to Day 96 (Day 34) of The Middle Path Makeover – Recipe for Inspiration

Being the artist-type person that I am, I thrive on being open to receiving some form of inspiration. I crave it when it’s not there. It could be a smile, laughter, a film, dana (giving/charity), a hug, a kiss, a piece of music, dance, delicious food, a vast ocean, twilight (my favorite time of day), dusk (my second favorite time of day), a painting, discourse, even aloofness (is that a word?)… I think you probably got my point 7 or 8 examples ago.

But nothing lasts forever. All inspiration must come to an end and then I’m just an artist-type person without a muse (oh heaven forbid!).

I quickly realized that inspiration is one luxury I couldn’t afford to wait for. I just had to get out there and create my own. So I came up with a recipe for inspiration.

Leah Joy’s Recipe for Inspiration:

1 cup of unconditional love
3 1/2 cups of kindness
2 Tbsp of patience
1/2 cup of focused concentration
6 cups of a sense of humor
3 tsp of listening
1 pinch of empathy to taste

I know it sounds cheesy, but this recipe is fool-proof. Be there for others and your own selfless actions will become your inspiration.

Keep on keepin’ on and be the inspiration you wish to see.

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

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