BIWEEKLY REPORT CARD:Counting Down to Day 100 (Day 30) of The Middle Path Makeover

THE GOAL OF THE 129-DAY MIDDLE PATH MAKEOVER PROJECT IS: To follow through with my “to-dos” consistently for 129 days straight in order to find myself living a more awake, peaceful and happy, balanced life (and perhaps inspire one or two others to do the same). As a recap, here are the lists followed by their corresponding updates:

Blogging – I have been successful everyday
Zazen sitting meditation a minimum of 10 minutes per day – I have completed 26 out of 30 days
Eating until I am full, not stuffed, and following a balanced diet program where I will track my food/activity – I have consistently stuck with this for 22 out of the 30 days
Positive self talk – I have been (consciously) successful 18 out of the 30 days
Commit to working on a single task at a time – I have been successful 25 out of the 30 days
Do something kind for someone without expecting anything in return – I have been successful 28 out of the 30 days
Abstain from gossip – I have completed this task 21 out of 30 days
Abstain from reacting to anger I might experience – I have abstained from reacting to anger (usually catching myself just before I react) for 17 out of the 30 days
Exercise a minimum of 20 minutes per day
I have successfully completed 21 out of the 30 days

Community service – I have completed 2 acts of community service and am delayed on the third which I hope to achieve this weekend. The fourth is also due this weekend.
Video Blog documenting my community service experience
I have successfully completed 1 community service video blog and will complete the next upon completion of the third act of community service

After 30 days of the Project, I can still say I have been more consistent with the above listed practices than ever before. I feel like the daily to-dos are developing into habits; habits that I’m looking forward to doing, not put off by. The weekly to-dos will required more advanced planning on my part since realistically, they are more involved. I can still say that overall I feel happier, more at peace and definitely more aware of my actions. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a couple freak-out moments too but have been able to acknowledge them and let them go more quickly than I’ve been able to do in the past. What a treat this is!

And if you’re out there reading along, thank you for time. I appreciate it very much.

Keep on keepin’ on,

Leah Joy, the Zenful Blogger

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