Counting Down to Day 102 (Day 28) of The Middle Path Makeover – Rinse and Repeat

I used to think that the Shampoo industry conspired against all of us “hair washers” when the label on the back of the shampoo bottle instructed me to “shampoo, rinse and repeat”. I thought it was all a ploy. Certainly a silver dollar-sized dollop of shampoo was enough to get the old noggin squeaky clean. Or was it? After many years of experimenting with different-sized dollops, I realized it wasn’t the size of the shampoo dollop that was important, but really the number of dollop-rinses and repeats that mattered.

Not everything comes out perfect after the first try. On the first attempt, we’re merely just smooshing (yes, I said smooshing) the dirt about; moving it around, maybe spreading it out a little. But who are we kidding? The dirt is still there! We’re just getting to know the dirt. The second attempt is where the art kicks in: perhaps the art is in part technique, but there is also art in the process of repetition. There is beauty in that.

How can we apply this art of rinse and repeat to a letter we write or a song we sing, or a relationship we’re relating to or a dog we’re feeding or a hat we wear or a deep breath we’re taking or a hammer we’re swinging or an apple we bite into? I say, keep on keepin’ on until you get the results you want. Stay with it. After all, it’s the journey, right?

I say wear the shit out of that hat! There is beauty in that.

I think it’s safe for me to say that very clean hair is in your future. What do you say?

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

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