Counting Down to Day 103 (Day 27) of The Middle Path Makeover – Reminders

I had this thought today when I chose to skimp on my 10 minutes of sitting meditation in exchange for only 5 (something tells me that my “Zen” got the short end of the stick): I decided I need to strategically place reminders of my daily to-dos in places that make sense when I see them. I think the visual reminders could only help, not to mention bring a little dimension to our walls.

Here’s the list of To-dos followed by a reminder to do the To-do (And yes, some of them are intentionally weird AKA AWESOME).

Zazen sitting meditation a minimum of 10 minutes per day: A reminder should be in the form of a wind-up alarm clock that sits right on top of my meditation cushion, waiting for me

Eating until I am full, not stuffed, and following a balanced diet program where I will track my food/activity: I think I should have a note in ALL-CAPS posted on the refrigerator that says, “ARE YOU FULL YET???”

Positive self talk: I should wake up saying this mantra every morning: “I am so grateful to have the opportunity to better my life and the lives of others just by being me.”

Commit to working on a single task at a time: This reminder should be on the computer AND the TV should say, “Are you paying attention?”

Do something kind for someone without expecting anything in return: I should put a note on the front door that says, “Kindness is ready and available for anyone or anything at anytime!”

Abstain from gossip: I should print out a picture of the Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil monkeys and put it up on my wall at work.

Abstain from reacting to anger I might experience: “Breathe” tweets should be scheduled in advance on my Twitter account everyday, twice a day.

Exercise a minimum of 20 minutes per day: I should put a note on my sneakers that says, “You will look 5 lbs lighter and 10 years younger once you walk a mile in these bad boys”.

I think I’ll turn my list of “I shoulds” into “I wills”.

Keep on keepin’ on and keep you posted,

-Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

4 thoughts on “Counting Down to Day 103 (Day 27) of The Middle Path Makeover – Reminders

  1. Agreed – it’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day rat race, but it helps to display prominently something that inspires you and helps bring you back to center. When I come across quotes that speak to me, I like to post them in my office, so that I am reminded to keep perspective and find balance. Here’s one that I think you’ll like: “As fast as you conform your life to the pure idea in your mind, this will unfold its great proportions.” – Emerson

    Have a great day!

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