Counting Down to Day 107 (Day 23) of The Middle Path Makeover – Join the 3 Ring Circus

Do you ever wake up feeling like your life is like a 3 (more like 20) ring circus? How about when you first set your feet down on the floor from getting out of bed and your day’s itinerary flashes before you like a ping pong game and your the pong (that’s the ball, right?). Today was very much like that and reflecting back on it has left me feeling quite bewildered, to say the least!

As The Zenful Blogger, I do try and practice walking my talk whenever I can. I did a little yoga, Zazen (sitting meditation), positive self-talk, deep abdominal breathing, eating healthfully; it all worked for a couple of minutes here and there. But in the end, my mind did NOT want to calm down and single-task. The circus was calling…

So, you know what? I joined the circus. I slept through my alarm. I polished off the ice cream in the freezer. I worked on 3 different projects on my computer simultaneously while watching a movie. I got really angry at my cell phone for freezing up while I was trying to answer a call and threw it down on the couch (don’t worry, it’s a soft couch). I took a “tone” with someone who was trying to help and stormed off like a 3-year-old. It was immature, unhealthy, angry and unproductive. It was awesome.

I think it’s safe to say I fell off the Middle Path Makeover bandwagon pretty hard. The circus can be a really fun place to go; full of eye-candy, loud music, animals, clowns and acrobats. It can also scare the crap out of you when you’re four. Maybe sometimes you have to go join the circus to find your way back to the middle.

And so tomorrow is a new day.

Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

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