Counting Down to Day 108 (Day 22) of The Middle Path Makeover – Keep it Simple

I was on the phone with my mother earlier today and she explained that she was on her way to the supermarket to get ingredients for dinner. What’s for dinner you ask? (That’s what I asked) and she replied baked, skinless, boneless chicken and brown rice. How simple. How lovely! It got me thinking. Thinking about over thinking and how often I do that. Not everything has to be elaborate or more vs. less.

I used to do this exercise with myself where I’d wake up and for the entire day, I would follow through on my very first thought of action (unless it might harm myself or others). No second guessing. If I thought it, I’d do it. Some examples:

1. I think I’ll paint my nails: No contemplating the color, grab the first little bottle of polish my eyes see and paint away!

2. I’m lost and there’s a woman walking in front of me I’d like to ask directions from. So, I ask her.

3. I feel I need to share a thought with my friend even if she might judge me for it. I say it anyway.

HOLY MENTAL VACATION BATMAN! Do you have any idea what kind of time and energy I saved from keeping it simple? I was extremely productive and not emotionally worn down the way I get when I do an abundance of second-guessing. I just rolled with it. Nice and easy. I really should remind myself to practice this exercise more often.

So there it is, short and sweet. Keep on keepin’ on and keep it simple.

Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

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