Day 110 (Day 20) of The Middle Path Makeover – Donation and Dana

Every few months I go through my closet, the storage boxes under the bed, and if the Husband sounds enough like a broken record (can anyone even relate to that example anymore? I don’t think “broken mp3s” have any sound at all, do they?) I’ll eventually go through my 5 boxes in storage. I’ll ask myself the same questions about each item:

1. Does this item make my life better? (If the answer is no, then it goes in the donation bag. If yes, then onto the next question.)
2. Does this item make me breakfast? (Obviously the answer is no as no one makes me breakfast around here… sorry Husband, I jest. It goes in the donation bag.)

But seriously, if it’s in storage, then I don’t use it. Donation. I know I’m simplifying the process and I will admit, I don’t always stick to the 2 question rule. Sometimes there is a battery of 2 more questions I must ask myself:

3. Is this item my wedding dress, wedding pictures or pictures of me before I was married from a thinner era? (If the answer is no, then it goes in the donation bag. If the answer is yes, then onto the next question.)

4. Is there someone else out there who would benefit from this item greater than I would benefit from storing it? (I’d like to think of myself as somewhat of a “looker” but I’m no model and I’m pretty sure most people would not benefit from having a wedding picture (or pre-wedding picture)of me, close friends and family aside. Plus, it’s creepy. But if it’s an item outside the realm of my Wedding that for whatever emotional reason I haven’t been able to part with, this question usually answers it for me. Answer: Donation.)

So tonight I took my 2 reusable bags of donation items to St. Lucy’s Church. Upon entering through the main door there was an older gentlemen sitting at a registration table all bundled up in winter garb. He greeted me and I for the first time today heard Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech on the radio. I signed off on the donation, inquired about community service work, thanked the kind gentleman and left. It was and always is a worthwhile experience.

If you have experienced giving Dana or donation, you know what I mean. I’d love to hear your story, if you care to share.

Give what you can when you can. It does make a difference.

The Zenful Blogger

One thought on “Day 110 (Day 20) of The Middle Path Makeover – Donation and Dana

  1. Does this item make me breakfast?

    I just love your attitude! That is exactly the way I look at items in my house. Where I live, the extended question would however be this: Does this item make breakfast, lunch and dinner? And if it doesn’t, it might still be usefull as a trading item or to produce something that provides breakfast, lunch and dinner!

    Living in a place such as Kampala, Uganda essentially also means that you have to share everything… with everybody! There is no such thing as “waste”. I frequently place dozens of tinned food cans in the garbage knowing that the people just collecting the garbage in this town will have a good time going through my left overs.

    And if I want to “donate” something, I don’t have to go far to make that happen. All I have to do even in the fairly upscale neighbourhood where I live, is to place the items I no longer desire outside of my gate – and they will be gone within 30 minutes max!



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