Day 116 (Day 14) of The Middle Path Makeover – I Think Therefore I’m Thinking

I love to think about things and stuff in the abstract. How they look to me; how they feel- what it all means. Then I like to observe how things and stuff affect others and I think about that. Sooner or later I’ve done colossal amounts of thinking. So that’s good, I guess (although the husband might argue that it’s “dangerous”).

But all joking aside, the husband might be onto something. I find myself constantly getting into trouble because all this thinking I’m doing is only from my perspective. Even when I observe the effect of things and stuff on others, it’s still only defined from my perspective. After all, what other perspective do I really have?

In the Soto-Zen Buddhist tradition of sitting meditation (referred to as Zazen), we are taught to watch thoughts come and go. When they come up, we label them “thoughts” and then let them go. I enjoy this practice because it removes ownership from the thoughts. Thoughts literally become things- they have no meaning except for the meaning I put on them. When I remove the meaning, it’s easier to let go of the thoughts. Not that it’s easy. It ain’t easy. But it helps to know all of this the next time I find myself alone with a mountain full of thoughts.

What are your thoughts? Seriously. I’m tired of listening to mine. 🙂

Peace, love and perspective,

Leah Joy

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