BIWEEKLY REPORT CARD:Day 115 (Day 15) of The Middle Path Makeover

The Middle Path Makeover isn’t intended to be a competition between me, myself and I and so I’m writing this all out to remind myself of that fact and to make you my star witness(es). THE GOAL IS: To follow through with these “to-dos” consistently for 129 days straight in order to find myself living a more awake, peaceful and happy, balanced life (and perhaps inspire one or two others to do the same). As a recap (if anyone out there is following this), here are the lists followed by updates:

Blogging – I have been successful everyday
Zazen sitting meditation a minimum of 10 minutes per day – I have completed 13 out of 15 days
Eating until I am full, not stuffed, and following a balanced diet program where I will track my food/activity – I have consistently stuck with this for 12 out of the 15 days
Positive self talk – I have been (consciously) successful 7 out of the 15 days
Commit to working on a single task at a time – I have been successful 12 out of the 15 days
Do something kind for someone without expecting anything in return – I have been successful everyday
Abstain from gossip – I have completed this task 13 out of 15 days
Abstain from reacting to anger I might experience – I have abstained from reacting to anger (usually catching myself just before I react) for 6 out of the 15 days
Exercise a minimum of 20 minutes per day
I have successfully completed 12 out of the 15 days

Community service – I have completed 1 act of community service and am delayed on the second which I hope to achieve this weekend.
Video Blog documenting my community service experience
I have successfully completed 1 community service video blog and will complete the next upon completion of the second act of community service

I thought about commenting after each item on both lists but I think I prefer just to make a general statement. After only 15 days of this Project, I have been more consistent with the above listed practices than ever before. When I look back on the last 15 days, I would say that overall I have felt happier, more at peace and more aware of my actions. What has surprised me most is the items on the list that I thought would prove most difficult to deliver consistency on were the ones I was most consistently completing. Very interesting, indeed. 🙂

To anyone out there reading this or even interested in joining me on this journey, please jump in at anytime. The water’s fine.

Keep on keepin’ on,

Leah Joy, the Zenful Blogger

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