Day 118 of The Middle Path Makeover – Organization

One of just a handful of ways I know how to slow the Earth down enough to prevent it from spinning off its axis (well it did feel that way last Thursday 😉 ) is to put things in order. My house, my finances, my calendar, my wellbeing, my communication. If at all possible, I enjoy organizing all these pieces on Sundays because it frees my mind up to think about other things during the week (like work, spouse, blog, other work, drum lessons, more work, dinner, oh and did I mention work?). So, that’s what I did and I just know I’m going to get the most amazing sleep tonight because of it. There really is something refreshing about having clean underwear for the week already folded away in the drawer! The bills are paid so when I don’t make time to remember to pay them tomorrow, it will all be alright since I’ve paid them already. I’ve got enough Brussels sprouts cooked up to last me through to Wednesday (the scale at my Weight Watcher’s meeting is gonna love me!). Life is good when it’s disorganized but much better when I know I stocked up on enough vitamins to get me through flu season. 🙂

Keep on keepin’ on and have a great week!

Leah Joy, The Zenful Blogger

One thought on “Day 118 of The Middle Path Makeover – Organization

  1. I completely agree! I’m not one to slow down and let grass grow under my feet, but then I get overwhelmed by everything. Organizing is the only way I know how to keep from losing my mind!

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