Day 120 (Day 10) of The Middle Path Makeover – Feeling Good Now

For the sake of blogging in full disclosure I haven’t been feeling well for many, many months. I’ve got problems: Female problems. Neck problems. Digestion problems. Joint and muscle problems. My husband is looking over my shoulder as I type this and telling me to add mental problems. 🙂 These problems all seemingly hit me at the same time (truly a joyous occasion- okay maybe not so much). And the not knowing made the problems worse. After 2 months of seeing different specialists followed by an outpatient surgery, last week I was finally diagnosed with Endometriosis. A relief to know, yes. Preparing to take medication to see if it will work or not is not my favorite way to begin a treatment plan. I rather have a guarantee that the drug will work, otherwise I do not want it in my body. I’ve got enough problems as it is (thank you very much).

So today I practiced feeling good. I appreciated problem solving conversations with coworkers. I loved exchanging pleasantries with clients. I enjoyed eating healthy and turning off the overhead fluorescent lights in my office (my eyes are still thanking me). My ears soaked up the lovely music of Tony Scott’s Zen Meditation album and I was calm. Adoration for my husband. I could have chosen to focus on how bad I felt but instead I feel good now knowing I felt good today. Tomorrow when I wake up, I can make the choice to feel good again. And so it continues, if I choose.


The Zenful Blogger

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